Who am I?

Lina Alqam

It’s not the name of Jackie Chan’s film it’s a real question.

Some of my friends said that I have properly come from Mars (Why they said that I am not green), but my grandfather -the encyclopedia- said that our grand/grand/grand/grand/grand father came with Salah Al-Deen Al-Ayobi to free Jerusalem. Maybe I am from Mars, but it’s fantastic to visit the earth.  

I know that I am linaalqam [Lena Alkam], so that expressed that I am not a cartoon or an imaginary human or from the Photoshop production. Also I can’t determine my age, I have to add 6 months to my age because we know that the soul is put in you after four months, mum and dad put me in school so early, they thought that I am a genius, but actually I made them feel disappointed (it’s okay because I am from Mars)

Mum complains loudly as usual: “Oh, she thought she would be a writer from now, I can’t believe. None of the writers wrote in her age.” And she can also create great solutions for any problem: “I don’t know, oh… she could delay her writing after being old enough”!

Name: Lina M. Alqam.

Date of Birth: 17-1-1996

Nationality: Palestinian.

Website: www.linaalqam.com

Languages: Arabic, Turkish, English.


-Reading books, novels, stories, poems, essays,…

-writing about everything in the life, I am still a beginner.

-Making Origami.

-Playing yoga.

-Listening to Sheikh Basam Jarrar’s lectures about the new method of explaining Quran, soon I’ll blog them.

-Learning languages.

-Traveling around the wonderful world.

-Playing Chess.

-Blogging at my website.

-Taking unexpected photos.

What I have made:

-Reached the blue belt at Karate, having a lot of medals.

-Won the first prize among all Palestine by taking 99% in reading competition and traveled to Dubai for ten days.

-Shared with Intel competition by making a new creative project, called “Moving curtains”.

-Made an Exhibition for Origami, hundreds of Japanese craft.

-Writing unpublished stories for teenagers, such as “The Lost Eye”.

…and lots of things.