16 thoughts on “My Gift to my mum at the first day of Eid :(

    1. Well… I went to Eid Prayer though I had been cursed. When I returned to home my mum was happy; incredibly pleased, I don’t know why. When she saw me she gave me “Edeya”. I thought that my mum was going to tell the whole world about her favorite broken vase but she didn’t speak even one world about that accident ^_^
      I’m shocked… I mean it’s not my mum’s habit to keep these stories in her heart.

  1. Dear, have a look into the Japanese Kintsugi ‘golden joinery’ tradition, the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with lacquer resin dusted or mixed with powdered gold. If that is impossible, try glue with gold paint from an art-shop. Your mothers favourite vase will become even prettier.

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