Is “PEACE” a vulgar word?!


All humanity call for “PEACE

In demonstrations you see people cry for “PEACE

Human Rights for “PEACE

We ALL know Nobel “PEACE” prize,

It’s given to people who establish wars

It’s given to people who commit massacres, race cleansing and genocides

It’s given to people who have murder genetics inside their cells

It’s given to people who did nothing to the humanity but destruction and grieve

It’s given to people who kill civilians with cold blood

It’s given to people who use forbidden weapons

It’s given to people who give grants and gifts to the one who kills children

It’s given to people who support all the above.

What does “PEACE” means?!

PEACE is an Undefined Word

PEACE is meaningless

PEACE is useless

PEACE is Fake

PEACE is Unreal

PEACE is a Lie



20 thoughts on “Is “PEACE” a vulgar word?!

  1. سلام سلام سلام يا سلام سلا م يا سلام
    زي ما قلتي ما الها معنى،،،الي ماتت كل عائلته كيف بده يقبل بالسلام ، الي مات اخوه او اخته او امه او ابوه قدام عنيه كيف بده سلام
    هذول ناس ما بفهمو معنى السلام بعرفوا معنى الحراب بس ،، فتبا ثم تبا لمن ينشدون السلام على جثث اطفالنا و نساءنا و رجالنا
    ألا لعنة الله عليهم ،ألا لعنة الله عليهم

  2. Many who talk of peace are those who have either never tasted the bitterness of oppression or injustice or are mere cowards who opt to flap their lips rather than act.

    ‘You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.’ And, ‘If you’re not ready to die for it, take the word “freedom” out of your vocabulary.’ ― Malcolm X (Allah Yirĥamu)

    • Yeah my dear sister Rabab… you are right. Those who are talking about peace now just the worst of human scum…

  3. The Nobel laureate in the White House recently smirked “turns out I am pretty good at killing”. It is no wonder my president is the salesman-in-chief for support for Israel.

    • That’s right your president is the salesman-in-chief for support for Israel, no offensive to you people. ALSO the so-called the president of Palestine commits fatal crimes more than your president does…
      Good sense of humor 🙂
      Thanks for your comment… appreciated that…

  4. We are all pawns in the game of GREED and POWER. Normal, everyday people DO NOT START WARS. It’s the people and fanatics in power who want something someone else has, who start wars and use the herd, they have cultivated, to go and kill for them People, for the most part, are powerless. The bad guys have all the guns, military and police at their beck and call. People are the ones who die, while the greedy get more of what they want. And, by the way, our president is a puppet, like the rest of us. If you look at the last few presidents, before they take office, they look hopeful, full of life and filled wonderful ideas. Two days later, once they are “in,” they look as if everyone they ever loved, died all at the same time. I guess they had the “meeting,” and found out who was actually calling the shots. It certainly wasn’t them I’ll use the word Peace until something better comes along. I don’t care if it’s corrupted by others…it still stands for something to some of us and a lot of good people died for it, even if they didn’t know what they were fight for.

  5. As an 18 year-old-girl, I had never seen the so-called “PEACE”
    In my whole life, I’ve just seen people suffering, people dying, people…………………………………………
    A person who commits crimes lives freely, lives happily……. And then Be the president, win Noble PEACE prize according to the number of poor people killed in the “random” massacres. In the other hand, People have been imposed life sentence, because they are calling for a basic need for human beings: “PEACE”.
    If those people who are chanting with “PEACE”, governments call them: RIOTERS, What we MUST call the governments who are destroying PEACE, igniting the wars, creating sectarian strife and making false conflicts??!!!
    I do believe that there’s something called “peace”. I read about “peace” in Books and Novels. I watch people live in “peace” in “Movies and films”. Pardon me my dear I didn’t ever see that in the REAL LIFE.
    I should thank you sincerely for telling your point of view. I really support you standing for your idea… and yes a lot of good people died to spread peace in the earth…

    • I agree with you completely. The word has been corrupted. Governments are also corrupt. Fanatics are running loose in the streets killing children. People are not what they seem. That’s the truth, at least my truth. Truth and trust are words in a dictionary. Media is owned by those in power. We see what they want us to see. We are brainwashed, and propaganda is everywhere. Government officials are puppets for the people who are actually running the show. We are the herd, used by those in power. Freedom is a word. The military and police are owned by the powerful and used against the people, at times. People are treated like children. People have become apathetic.They have given up or become distracted by their toys. There are cameras on our corners and chips in our phones, computers, and cars. They want to put chips in our kids. Bad people get away with murder. Violence is everywhere. Our air, water and food are poisoned. Insurance companies can force employees to get dangerous and unwanted injections or lose their jobs. Well, I could go on, but what’s the point. The world in changing. I don’t think it’s changing for the better, in a lot of ways. We often overlook the good and beautiful things because we are focused on the bad things. We are in a stat flux. We always are. War is everywhere, so is poverty, hunger and death. I don’t have the answers.

  6. Peace is a Doublespeak, Doublethink word not unlike Humanity and Mankind, all of which hearten kindness and compassion while justify their opposite. Thus, men can call for peace whilst embracing war and have no conflicts of emotion.

  7. It was kind of you to visit my blog though I’m surprised when I visit yours and see you mention Peace.
    Peace is a defined word, it has a meaning and it’s the great hope of many people in the World.
    There may be many people who have called for peace and done the opposite. There may be leaders of the Western World who pursue peace but follow war as there are many in the Eastern world who do the same. That doesn’t mean the vast majority of people do the same nor that they follow their leaders. If you listen to the ordinary people on the street PEACE is something they want where all can live in some kind of harmony and tolerance with others.
    I personally have no religion and don’t care what religion anyone holds. It’s the person I connect with not their faith and I see good and bad on all sides. That doesn’t mean to say that ‘I flap my lips and do nothing’ and it doesn’t mean I have to follow the leaders of my country and nor does it mean I have to give up on the hope that one day there will be peace. If you take that hope away you leave me nothing because my hope is for the generations that follow including my grandchildren and your children that they should not go to war against each other and die for the sake of making an arms manufacturer richer than they already are.
    So why not add to your list,
    PEACE is a hope that many want to come true for ALL the people of the World. Keep the Dream Alive.

    Thank you

  8. Peace is impossible without hope in God. Mankind will corrupt. His heart will deceive. He will do whatever it takes to fulfill his needs no matter the cost. But the True Peace that you feel in the midst of your being, regardless of your circumstances, is free of anger and hate and blame. I have not walked in your shoes, nor you in mine. But I know one who has, and his Peace is freely given. His peace is without understanding. His peace is not circumstantial. And his peace is what I walk in: free, whole, and full of joy, no matter what politicians, world leaders, or life throws my way. I thank you for visiting my blog and bringing my attention to yours. I feel your anger seep through your words in your post and wish nothing more than to have you feel the peace I know, if only for one day.

  9. I may never be able to understand why you wrote this but when I try to I almost do…situations define perspective and nothing can change that. All I can say is that you are precious, and you need to remind that to yourself everyday. Others might try to tell you otherwise and so will the situation but you need to stay strong and keep your calm.
    Remember that you’re fabulous. 🙂

  10. When people talk of peace, they don’t know what they’re talking about. When people make peace, some of them just refer to it the way they refer to making love – fucking the life of others.

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