Silence Aloud


Silence Aloud


Yesterday I looked

Into the empty skull of a

Palestinian boy.

Face intact, back of head

blown away, smashed, empty skull, no brains.

And Father, weeping, imploring

his son to come alive

And play with his favourite toy.

I saw a photo of a young girl

Her face pock marked with shrapnel wounds

A tear escaping her eye

As she died.

We don’t see these images in the West because

we are coddled and swaddled from

images that might upset our delicate/sensitive/fragile/exquisite

blindfolded selves.

Tears for the Palestinian people

Washing away the silence of genocide

by Israel.

Israel: cossetted and armed

by the American military-industrial complex

because waging war on Palestinian people

is profitable.

Israel – supported in its murderous actions

by Murdoch’s empire/CNN/NBC/ABC/BBC/Establishment media.

So I heed a call by a Palestinian:

Why the silence on Palestinian deaths?

5 dead Israelis;

so far 333 dead Palestinians:


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12 thoughts on “Silence Aloud

  1. If every single Jew born anywhere in the world has the right to become an Israeli citizen, then all the Palestinians who were chucked out of Palestine by the Zionist Government should have the same right, very simple….

    • Just so. Out of curiosity, I googled how many Jewish people there are worldwide: 13.3 million, and they cannot all fit into Israel which already has a population of around 8 million. The right of return is a spin doctor’s dream.

      • Thank u Dear ! Crone …though u arent Crazy …like these so called “chosen people” …..thank u very much indeed for ur Support for Humanity.

      • I think you key word is the most important: “Humanity”. As long as any of us think we’re superior to another race, then we’ve lost our humanity. I remember being utterly disgusted when I lived in Queensland to hear a friend’s husband say that refugees and asylum seekers should be thrown overboard and shot. I laughed and said: “You’re joking, right?” and he said “No” which wiped the smile off my face. I couldn’t believe, and still can’t believe, how humanity can be so sadly lacking in some people. I say “some people” because there are many out there recognising humanity as humanity – all those organising against the Israeli genocide in Gaza and the West Bank; all those working for refugees and asylum seekers in Australia, the US and Europe; all those seeking to alleviate suffering in Africa and elsewhere. I need to remind myself of these people in order to stay positive and optimistic because when I read that 80% of Israelis support the devastation in Israel and some support genocide, I do truly wonder about the human race sometimes!

      • At the basis of Israeli arrogance lies the idea that this really is a special nation with special traits that are shared by no other nation. You can see that among Israeli travelers abroad; you can hear it from anyone who comes into contact with foreigners; you can sense it in the deeper currents of Israeli policy. The Americans are “foolish,” the Indians are “primitive,” the Germans are “square,” the Chinese are “strange,” the Scandinavians are “naive,” the Italians are “clowns” and the Arabs are … Arabs. Only we know what’s good for us, and not only for us but for the entire world. There is nothing like Israeli ingenuity, there is nothing similar to Jewish intelligence, the Jewish brain invents new ideas for us like no other brain, because we’re the best, bro.

      • I am good for nothing…May God bless u rather than i, may He be ur best of protector n Helper….i am good for nothing …your life is precious,
        And ….all palestinian ppl …they r the Bravest n most Gallant ppl on the Earth …my Support for all of u till my Last Breath ..esp for YOU !!!!

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