3 thoughts on “Damned Human Rights

  1. I tied the terms “fake democracy” and the “Zionist method” together not as a smear, but as a silver bullet. You see, Israel has never had a constitution and no real public push for one that I know of. To have one would have given the Israeli Arab citizens the same rights as the Jewish ones. So to avoid constitutional court litigation over civil right violations, you dodge all of that by having no constitution.

      • Some basic Jewish terminology

        Goy – non-Jew (sing.) Includes Christians, Muslims, everyone not belonging to the “chosen people”. 

        Chutzpah – Jewish audacity, when for instance blatantly lying to non-Jews (goyim).

        Mitzvah – a Jewish “religious” good deed.

        Amalek – The Jews’ eternal enemies, has shifted to Armenians, Germans, Palestinians, Iranians…

        Amalek Mitzvah – the Jewish “religious” commandment of exterminating the “Amalek”.

        Shiksa – non-Jewish female, synonymous to “abomination”, “impure,” or “object of loathing”.

        Schwartzer – a Black person in jiddisch, used in a deregatory manner.

        Balak – Halacha permits the killing of gentiles and “apostates”.

        Matot – one is permitted to kill a gentile, according to theTorah and Halacha.

        Korach – the Torah permits killing people to consecrate them to the Jewish God.

        Halakha – the collective body of Jewish religious law (Torah, Talmud, Mitzvot).

        These are jewish jurisprudence (fiqh) books …wich teaches Racism of the highest Order.

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