Oh Arab Youth!

Oh Arab Youth!

يا شبابَ العرب! اجعَلوا رسالتَكم: إِمَّا أنْ يَحيا الشَّرقُ عَزيزاً، أو إمَّا أنْ تَموتوا

Oh Arab Youth! Let your message be: either the East lives with pride and dignity or you must die…

12 thoughts on “Oh Arab Youth!

  1. هم ما بحبو الموت زي الشباب الي بموتو في الشوارع وراء الحريه
    وراء العزه , احنا لازم انموتهم

      • الي ما بدهم الشرق يحيا عزيز
        بس جملك مش مفهومه انو الي لازم يموت الشباب اصحاب الرساله اذا ما قدروش يجعلو الشرق عزيز , ولا مين؟؟
        مرات الكتابات القصيره والجمله القصيره ما بتكون واضحه

      • الذي لا يستطيع ان يرجع للشرق العزة
        الموت افضل له
        يعيش في ذل مثل العبد الآبق
        الأفضل له أن يموت لأنه انسان كالاسفنجة مشبع بالعار
        الانسان العربي الذي يتخلى عن دوره في هذه السنوات الافضل له الموت ولكن الإنسان الحر
        هو الإنسان الذي يضحي بروحه تجاه مبادئه تجاه وطنه
        تجاه جميع الحقوق المسلوبة و المزيفة التي نظن أننا قد ا وربما حصلنا عليها

  2. الرسالة واضحة كالتالي:
    اما ان يرجع الشباب العزة للوطن العربي
    لأن الوطن بلا عزة ككتابات ملقاة بالهامش، ملقاة بسلة قمامة لا قيمة لها
    وكذلك هو…..
    او اذا لم يستطيعوا
    فالموت افضل من العار….

    • هيك صار اوضح
      ان شاء الله بترجع العزه للعرب والمسلمين
      وهيها بترجع
      الناس ذاقت طعم الحريه وهيا بتموت في الشوارع من اجل الحريه
      الي كانت ضايعه من سنين طويله

  3. Allama Muhammad Iqbal is one of the most outstanding poet-philosophers of the Indian sub-continent belonging to the modern period. His intellectual genius has reigned supreme in the arena of Islamic philosophy during the twentieth century and is likely to direct and influence the Islamic Intellectual tradition in the twenty first century as well. His sublime poetry and philosophy inspired millions of Muslims to wake up to the reality of the times and forge a destiny for themselves.
    Iqbal was deeply concerned with the Youth of that time. He was very much clear to the fact that if Youngsters had focused their real destiny then they could have led the Muslims of Sub-Continent out of the danger of destruction earlier than they did.
    Iqbal’s Nojwan is a True Muslim, Mard-e-Momin, Mojahid, Shaheen, Man of Khudi and an Optimistic person who can pull down the stars to himself. Iqbal says:

    “Mohabbat Mojhe Un Nojawanon Se Hai
    Sitaron Pe Dalte Hain Jo Kamand”

    “I have love for those youngsters who pull the stars down”

  4. Dil-e-Mard-e-Momin Mein Phir Zinda Kar De
    Woh Bijli Ke Thi Na’ara-e-‘LA TAZAR’ Mein

    Make alive in the heart of a Muslim again
    That Power the slogan ‘My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers’ had.

  5. “Love is the essence of life. It is deathless. The march of time is irresistible. It rolls on like a torrent, carrying violently away everything that impedes its onward movement. But love stands up to it; it stems all opposing waves for it, too, is not different from a flood tide, a deluge.

    Love transcends time and space and its wondrous possibilities are beyond human comprehension. There are states and stages of love that are not known to anyone. The effulgence of love is common to all Divine Apostleships and sacred teachings.

    Colour and radiance, joy and fragrance of all the universe is from love. It is the purifying draught (from the Fountain of Paradise) that sends saints and poets into ecstasy. It reveals itself sometimes, in the form of a preacher from the pulpit, and, sometimes, as a philosopher and conqueror. Love has a thousand facets. It is a many-splendoured thing. It is an eternal wayfarer, a perpetual traveller. It is always on the move, restless, mercurial.

    Love is the flute of life from which melodies pour forth and enrapture the world. Light and heat, activity and movement, ardour and enthusiasm are all from it.”7

    Dr. Mohammad Allama iqbal (poet of the east)

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