The Grave

(Childhood memory)

The Grave

Which I made

In summer, 2001

I was five years old

I found a bird in our garden

I wrote on the tombstone

[For the dead bird, that I don’t know]

I was praying for him

Nothing but saying “Ameen”

Nothing but wiping my face

But once day

I had opened

The white stone cover

There were ants inside

The Grave

No flesh was there

Just Bones

And feathers

Where insects were swimming in them

I become still

So I closed it


And swear not to open it again

But for a kid

This view is


One thought on “The Grave

  1. Shahadat Hai Matloob-o-Maqsood-e-Momin
    Na Maal-e-Ghanimat Na Kishwar Kushayi

    In their passion, in their zeal, In their love for Thee, O Lord,
    They aim at martyrdom, Not the rule of the earth.
    Allama iqbal (the poet of the east)

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