How to make a demonstration?

(I am with you step by step), just for Palestinians

This plan is just for who has courage to get out from his/her home to make a demonstration at the noon, alone, at Ramallah particularly at Al-Manara Maydan.

Step 1: wear your clothes. Bring nothing but your voice and some talents.

-Don’t bring a bottle of water-

Step 2: be ready to go out.

Step 3: take (service) or (ford) to reach the centre of Ramallah, don’t use your car.

– It just takes from 5-12 minutes according to the traffic-

Step 4: now, you just need less than 5 minutes to reach Al-Manara Maydan.

Step 5: when you arrive take a deep breath.

Step 6: hooray! You’ve arrived, look at the Lions Square.

Step 7: turn around the Lions Square just one time until you see the restaurant which is called: “fruity” (a restaurant for fresh fruit juices)

Step 8: look behind you.

Step 9: If you reach this step then excellent!

Step 10: what do you see? describe?

I am going to make it easy for you to understand what will happen…

  1. Do you see the policeman in the corner?

  2. Do you see the police car?

If you answer no at (a) (b) then we are at the winter, it’s so dangerous for you to slip while you are demonstrating alone so return to your home happily.

If you answer yes at (a) (b) then smile to the angry policeman.

(How to deal with situation like this?)

*Use the north-people accent*

Say: “hello” to the policeman.

“Yes” he’d answer.

“Do you know where Daragma Store is?”

“Are you from the north?” the policeman would ask you.

Lie this time and say: “yes”.

“So this is the first time you come to Ramallah” the policeman would ask you again.

Lie again:” oh, yes”.

“Okay, do you want to know where Daragma is?” he would ask.

“Yes please!” you have to say that.

“Go straight, be straight, go straight and be straight” the policeman would say.

“just?!” you have to show him the face expression of wonder.

“Yes, that’s set” he would say.

Say thank you or these things, and then go straight, be straight, go straight and be straight …

-That means don’t make a demonstration and be straight man-

But… if you don’t take my advice carefully I will congratulate you.

OH NO! I do want to comment AGAIN!

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