The usual message for Palestinians! (Story)

After a full-tired day we’ve spent in cousin’s wedding, which had happened in a far country from Ramallah, we except to return to our houses to relax our nervous. We gathered and went to sit in which is called: “Wedding Bus” to return back to Ramallah. In the way of returning I was completely tired just need to sleep.

“There is a border here, please sit in your places and be quiet” the driver suddenly shouted, we looked at each other we needed someone to explain but none of the passengers said a word. I thought when we went to this country there were no borders, also we never heard about a border in this zone.

“A border here?” asked someone in the bus.

“It’s a flyer border” the driver shouted again. The problems with the flyer borders that you can’t expect the time when Israeli decides to make a border also these borders are put to destroy your nervous and let you wait more than hours until it’ll become your turn.

“Lina, did you bring your identity card?” mum asked after seconds. I was shocked; I didn’t bring my identity card or even thought of carrying it with me. Mum also asked my cousins if they brought their identity cards they said that they didn’t.

“What kind of girls our family have?! Be happy to return back to the country…” mum said.

Return back to the country, I’ve forgotten that totally. We don’t have relatives in that place, where we should sleep? Okay in the street! It’s 11:32 pm, most of the cars which were in front of the bus return to the country, what a disaster came to us? Oh Allah what is happening? Instead of returning home to take a deep sleep we’ve found special surprise along the road.

My cousin came to his sister, who was sitting beside me, giving her his identity card, some coins, his car’s key and his mobile phone. He was very angry, I asked him why did he do that? He told me that it’s not permitted for him to leave Ramallah for five years because he had been imprisoned, I didn’t know what to say.

“Hide them carefully” he ordered his sister.

My cousin’s face became black, “how about to ____? I asked

“About what?” he asked

“Listen I have a spare Hijab I could lend it to you and you can take your sister’s Jilbab” I said.

“Ana Mesh Mara (I am not a woman)” he said, “I won’t take them!” he added firmly.

“Of course you aren’t a woman” I said quickly.

“But if Israeli saw you, what would_____?” his sister asked

“They would laugh at me and took hundreds of photos for me” he said.

“If they saw you, clever, you would enter the prison for the second time” I said while he laughed.

“Listen, it’s night now and Israeli won’t be able to see you beside you don’t have a beard.

“Sit please” the driver shouted and I gave my cousin the clothes I wanted to laugh but the situation wasn’t allowing. We made him sit in the middle of the bus not in the front and not in the last beside the talker-kids.

“It’s our turn” the driver shouted after a long long time. It was 1:07am according to my mobile phone, my heart was beating violently, what would happen? The driver promised to help us, we were praying and asking Allah to help us.

Israeli soldiers came and surroundedtheWedding Bus. Oh I couldn’t even count them, the darkness was covering everything even the soldiers you just see moving shadows. They turned around the bus many times. I was looking at nothing, I was gazing at nothing but I was thinking that I don’t care where I would sleep in this day or even the later days then these kinds of thoughts had stopped suddenly when I imagined that the soldiers might see my cousin wearing women clothes, I laughed I couldn’t stop I was laughing like an insane, everyone was looking at me it was a pathetic look as they was trying to say: “look at that crazy girl, she is laughing”.   

“Alhamdulillah” said the driver to us and we thanked Allah. The soldiers didn’t enter the bus but there was a tied young youth he was thrown beside the boarder four soldiers were beside him catching torches and put the light in his face while he wasn’t be able to open his eyes they want us to suffer by seeing that youth and giving their usual message: Israelis are strong so they can do what they want from putting Palestinians in prisons to making massacres, is that understood for Palestinians?

2 thoughts on “The usual message for Palestinians! (Story)

  1. يعني حادثه فيها شوية ملل من الوقوف امام الحاجز او الجيش
    وخوف على هذا الشخص وكيف الافكار بتبلش انك تلبس “حجاب “وانت شاب , يعني تمويه
    وبالاخر بتنتهي بالضحك
    المشاعر كانت مختلطه ههههههههههه
    الواحد مش لازم ينسى الهويه , لان الجيش الاسرائيل بوقف على كل شيء وبعمل مشاكل على الهويه
    والاسرى المحررين بعانو من مشكله
    يعني بقعد في السجن سنتين او 3سنين ولما يطلع بمنعوه من الخروج من المنطقه الي بعيش فيها لمده سنتين او 3 سنين
    …….فهاي بتصفي مشكله بالنسبه الهم

  2. “Palestine belongs to the Arabs in the same sense that England belongs to the English or France to the French. It is wrong and inhuman to impose the Jews on the Arabs… Surely it would be a crime against humanity to reduce the proud Arabs so that Palestine can be restored to the Jews partly or wholly as their national home…….(MAHATMA GANDHI)

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