(The city of children stone or the city of Bars)

Ramallah!!Ramallah, the central place in the west bank beside Jerusalem, had been writing its revolutionary history among the half twentieth century. It was the city of the children stones, the lap of two Intifadas. It was the demonstrations and rages artery against the occupation in Palestine.

Bars, pubs, night clubs and Da’ara houses, this is the New Ramallah. The place where rubbishes gathered. The shame place at Palestine, the spies place. Within this rudeness we heard nothing about the revolutionary country: Ramallah.

Walking to the down town, you see three policemen are standing at the gates of every Da`ara houses, without feeling of shame! What are they doing there? Protecting these places?! oh please for whom they are protecting these places? For whom?!

Who gives these houses the permission to be built at a strategic area?

These places aren’t hidden for example or far away from buildings?

Have you ever seen a Da`ara house beside a school, a school for children?!

Oh what should I say about the government that rule us which claimed that it is a Muslim government I mean the illegal president claimed also that he is a Muslim?!

Neither developing projects nor financial investments, just bars in everywhere! The streets and other facilities beside Al- Mukata, where Abbaas rules, and beside these places are fixed always but beside schools and hospitals you see the ignorance.

Grieve at yourself Ramallah!

One thought on “Ramallah?!!

  1. …….يعني اشي بخزي
    الواحد ما بعرف اش يكتب من العار
    كان لما يمر الجيش ,الاحجار تنزل عليه مثل المطر
    اما هلأ بمر الجيش ,وكانه مافي اشي ,عادي واكثر من عادي واذا مر الجيش عادي
    ….اشي بخلي الواحد يطاطي رأسه
    …الناس باين عليها نسيت معنى الاحتلال
    ….صار في مطاعم يشغلوا الشباب فيها كان قبل كم مطعم معدودين على الاصابع
    …هلا جنب كل مطعم مطعم
    ….وهاي المطاعم اغلبها حتى تشتغل لازم يكون فيها “مشروب” وارجيله “واشياء الله بعلم فيها
    …بصراحه عققلي مش قادر يستوعب انه شعب تحت الاحتلال وبروح على مطاعم حتى يفتح الطاوله بدفع مبلغ كبير
    ….تحت الاحتلال وبركبوا افخم السيارات
    …..الرفاهيه للشعب الي بكون تحت الاحتلال بنسى انوه الاحتلال احتلال

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