ONLY feelings, I am not a preacher…

Thursday at night we were at grandfather home debating; will Ramadan be tomorrow or not? Saudi Arabia announced that Ramadan would be tomorrow but how about us?

[Allah says: “O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, as it was prescribed for those before you” and Prophet says:” Observe Saum at sighting of the crescent of Ramadan and terminate it at sighting the crescent”] Imam of the mosque said.

“So Ramadan is tomorrow?” I asked happily.

“Oh please wait a second!” mum replayed

“Dear fellow citizens, by visual sighting to the moon in the world it has proven that Ramadan is tomorrow”)) Imam announced by the loudspeaker. Grandmother hugged all the family,” Ramadan Kareem” she said while giving us small dates.


Fasting (Saum) at Palestine started from around 4:20am to around 7:45pm


Father style to awake us at Suhoor?

“Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina, Lina”

Between every call two seconds of pausing.

“Reem, Reem, Reem, Reem, Reem, Reem, Reem, Reem, Reem, Reem”

This is my dad style to awake us at suhoor, saying our names for ten times, and continue his style to all the family.

My eyes were hurting like putting in them the water of the onion. I tried to open them many times but it was very hard. Mum prepared the meal of Suhoor, Palestinian Suhoor consists of Labaneh (solid yogurt) or humus, white or yellow cheese, bread, slides of tomato and cucumber and some dates( some people drink tea).


How about to go to school at Ramadan?

This year will be the final year at school so we have to go to school on summer to take just three lessons, Physics, Chemistry and Algebra. I don’t find that a bad idea especially that I have a time to study after Suhoor. However, what makes us feel sick is the smell of paint. Really we have a great head teacher who wanted to change the paint of the school at Ramadan!

So I’ve spent most of the time at school…


Half an hour before Al-Maghreb, I had to make salad, I am the chief in making salad!!

Everything was finished. All the family gathered around the table, we were waiting Azan Al Maghreb eagerly. While we were looking around ourselves and listening to Quran at radio,  “Sadak Allah Al-Azeem” said Al-Muezzin after seconds. “Allah Akbar … Allah Akbar” it was Azan Al Maghreb, now we can drink, and eat.


The weather has changed totally, before Ramadan we were sinking with sweat. In these days the weather is cold a little bit, thank you Allah!


Streets at night while you are returning to your home after Taraweeh Prayer, full of stars and crescents which are glowing, what a fantastic view?!

You will be astonished by the view of streets and buildings how they decorated, colorful bulbs, Hilal and star shapes in the balconies of houses, and long tail of bulbs lights around the trees.


Friday prayer at Ramadan has a new flavor. At Ramadan every one come to mosque babies, kids, teenagers, youth, and old people, while in other days you see just old people.


You can see in every where semi-closed or completely-closed restaurants, even Christians don’t like to eat in front of us.


A lot of youth has become volunteers to give Al-Iftar meal to prayers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and also to the Palestinians people who are waiting to enter Jerusalem at Israeli boarders (waiting takes from half an hour to two hours).


Deserting Television, that is what my sisters, brothers and I did. But mum watches the food channels.


Our home is so clean. The kitchen is so clean not even a spoon is there (absolutely before Al-Iftar).

“Thank you Ramadan” mum always says.


Taxi’s drivers don’t shout or use impolite words to other drivers. There are no idiot guys among the streets, what a magic has Ramadan?!


Our neighbor is Christian, she asked my little brother:” are you fasting?”

He nodded down his head, “the birds fast^ or the real fast?” she asked,

“No the real fast, ask Lina” my brother said.

She looked at me then at my brother with surprise, “for heaven’s sake how old are you?”

“Seven and a half” my brother said with low voice.

^The birds fast: is an Arabic-Palestinian word which means fasting from dawn until noon kids at that time could drink water just. Kids fast like that to get used in fasting so when they are older enough they can fast.


“Lina, Lina” someone was shouting.

“Lina, Ibraheem is not fasting” my little brother said while he was sobbing.

“Oh why?” I asked.

“He hits me, I will tell dad to prevent Ibraheem to come with us to Taraweeh Prayer”.


After Taraweeh prayer, being in the women mosque makes you wait a lot to bring your shoes (women don’t like to speak outside the mosque but beside the shoes cupboards)

“We count to ten four times”, said my little brother angrily (dad told him to say that) “you are late again, okay we will leave and let you arrive to home alone I mean on foot” he smiled.


The last ten days of Ramadan, you become alone after Taraweeh just few people are with you in the mosque. The lights turned off except one yellow fade light. When you pray you feel with cool breezes come beside you and you smell the night fragrance. These breezes don’t come from the old electric fan but from something else I don’t know. The silence and safe enters your heart and make you feel that your soul isn’t in your body you feel with a strange feeling that you can’t write it down on paper or on the blog.


Oh for Laylat Al-Qader (Qader night)! Dad went to Al-Aqsa Mosque, and my mother, sisters, brothers and I went to the mosque to pray from night until the dawn. I really don’t know how to describe the mighty of what prayers feel after that but these prays are something private between you and you creator.

We make Dua`a for ourselves, for Palestine, for Al-Aqsa Mosque, for the prisoners, for our brothers and sisters at Syria, and for our brothers and sisters at Burma. We make also Istegfar between every four prayers.

We pray also Al-Tasabeeh Prayer it is hard prayer for kids so Ibraheem and my little brother didn’t pray it, while mum, Reem, Maria and I pray it. (It’s a little bit hard prayer but after you pray you feel that you’ve returned from a battle and you’ve won)


OH NO! I do want to comment AGAIN!

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