Muslims at Palestine, particularly at Ramallah.

The residents of Ramallah city are deserved to feel pathetic on them not because they are suffering from the obnoxious occupation but because they are also suffering from their government who is working against them as it is their enemy, for example we lose the freedom to do worship what I mean we don’t feel that we are in a Muslim country.

Who has been closing every Islamic building since 2007 till today?

Who has been arresting not every Muezzin, but the one who has beautiful voice?

If you went to Al-Fajir prayer (dawn prayer) for ten days continuously, you will have to give reasonable justifications for the government or you’ll go the government prisons, just because you pray!

Do you forget who killed prayers at Friday prayer, in 2007?

Or we forget that totally…

[The one who kills his people

Is a traitor]

Do we forget that?

Who has been cancelled the lessons of Quran since 2007?

Who had been burnt every supermarket and stores for the beard-owners, in 2007?

Who destroyed their goods?

Or we forget that also…

Why if you say Al-Salamu Alaykum, everyone will stare at you?

Why Gaza lives and does their worship freedomly while we have no rights? Gaza?!

Who has been cancelled the Quran before Al-Azan, and low the voice of Azan, in 2011?

Awkaf minister (the minister who takes care about Islam in every Islamic country) said:“Israelis don’t like to hear Al-Azain and you know the settlements beside us want to sleep and live without that voice”, oh really minister and you accept to low the voice!

Might Mr. Haniya do what Al-Awkaf minister did? I mean accepting to low the voice?!

Which is called Islamic school is not existed at Ramallah city! While more than nine schools for Christians are at Ramallah!

3 thoughts on “Muslims at Palestine, particularly at Ramallah.

  1. اغضب..

    إذا لاحت أمامك أمة مقهورة
    خرجت من التاريخ.. باعت كل شئ
    كل أرض.. كل عِرض.. كل دين


    ولا تترُك رُفاتك
    جيفة سوداء كفنها عويل مُودعِـين

    اجعل من الجسد النحيل قذيفة
    ترتج أركان الضلال
    ويُـشرق الحق المبين

    فاروق جويدة

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