How would victims provide protection for the murder?

Last Saturday, former Israeli minister of defense intended to visit Ramallah. This person is called: a war criminal. He is wanted for justice all around the world. He is responsible on Jineen massacre, Gaza massacre and Lebanon massacre. Besides, he entered wars against Palestinians and non-Palestinians, he had committed in all inhuman wars. This person is also responsible on the sieges and the encirclements security at Ramallah, Gaza and other cities. He was also the one who had besieged on Al-Mukataa while Yasser Arafat was there. This inhuman creature is called: Shaoul Mufaz.

What a shame! The person who doesn’t have any kind of humanity characteristics in his DNA wanted to visit Ramallah. However the unbelievable or maybe the expected behavior, as usual, was from the Palestinian leaders especially president Abbaas who welcomed the criminal war.

For example, your aim by watching a comedy film is laughing, not being a laughing-stock. In addition the one who is laughing at you is also deceiving you. As usual, Palestinian authority would give Palestinian multi justifications to convince them about Mufaz visit firstly, that PA would debate about the “New Palestinian State”. Secondly, the PA would claim that they have to welcome this visit because the Palestinian taxes are in the Israeli hands. In Palestinian proverbs they said that: “Beggary is a habit” also they said “Lie is a habit”. If you lie twice, the truth will be revealed. Then what do you think about the person who lie and lie several times forever with the same lie every time?   

But the puzzled question is why Mufaz wanted to visit Ramallah and meet Abbaas? Maybe for negotiations as usual or even work together against the Palestinian peoples’ dreams. But I tend to think that Israeli government doesn’t want to lose the only survival friend who left from the Arab Spring till now. Mubarak, Al-Assad and King Abdullah the second, are three closest friends to Israel, are losing their control in their countries. The turn is going to be on the Palestinian Authority, as Abbaas said in France last week that the situations in Palestine are getting over control.

Hurray to the deception comedy, laugh at us as you want. But we wouldn’t be fooled into believing such kinds of these lies, which have been continuing for several decades.

Why Abbaas wants to meet Israeli leaders?

This question has made people gone to streets, they have demonstrated against Mufaz visit. People were in infinite rage. How we allow the one who had killed the kids in Gaza to visit Ramallah?

How we allow the one who is responsible for thousands of people who were killed in his wars?

How we allow the one who is the responsible for Arafat assassination to visit Ramallah?

How would victims provide protection for the murder?

I haven’t heard any victims who gave protection for the killer, the history has never mentioned.

Instead of welcoming, he should go to the jail? He can’t visit Britain, should we welcomed him?

In law, they say the one who protect a criminal is sharing him his crime!

What a disaster! Palestinian Authority welcomed this visit kindly. What kind of close friends does Mufaz have!

Youth, men, women and kids, all people have gone. It was a collective demonstration from all kinds of the society levels. They have gone to refused and reject this visit. It was a shocking view in the streets of Al-Manara Maydan. People have demonstrated and protested in Ramallah, and marching towards where Abbaas rules Almukata’a. In Ramallah you can’t speak anything about the corruption which is found in the roots of the political, economical, social systems and etc. If you said something about corruption, you would be taken to an unknown place indeed you would be imprisoned by unlimited period of time.

How do the people have the courage to protest?

It seems that seeing what has happened in other countries changed nations.

Or maybe because we were being ignored through years?

We haven’t seen a real demonstration since 2006!

The silence exploded, our voices have returned to us.

For reminding: don’t let your enthusiasm fade.

9 thoughts on “How would victims provide protection for the murder?

  1. الحكي المكتوب تحت الصوره ما قراءته
    الصورة بتكفي موضحه حالها من حالها
    الموضوع كبير كتير كيف انا كفلسطيني بقبل على حالي انه يدخل رام الله
    واحد دمر مخيم جنين بالكامل واطفال غزه والي قتل الرئيس
    والي عمل اشياء كثير التاريخ كتبها
    !!!!!!مش عارف استوعب الموضع ,الي قتلني ادخله على داري
    والي ادها من هيك انه الشعب بطلع يعبر عن رأيه بتيجي السلطه بتضربهم
    لانهم وصلوه منطقه ممنوعه
    والخداع واضح لما يطلع واحد من السلطه
    وتسألوه مقدمه البرناج ليش اعملتوه هيك ليش ضربتوا الناس
    برد بوقاحه لا قولي مين ضرب مين
    !!!!!!بكل وقاحه بقول انه هناك 20 شرطي متصاوب بجراح
    !!!!الشرطه مصابه والمتضاهرين لا,ياللعجب

    • They say at news Abbaas canceled the meeting (obeys his people opinion), however Abbaas before two days said: the meet didn’t cancel, it is just delayed.
      So he is determined to make that meeting….
      Is he laughing at us?
      the police always called themselves as a victim…. so no wonder what they say about themselves!!!!

  2. You’ve said the history has never mentioned, okay but the history will mention that Abbaas wanted to give protection for Mufaz…
    And yes you are right Israel won’t to lose the closest friend, Abbaas !!!

  3. راح نطلع ونتظاهر مش بس يلغي اللقاء مع موفاز
    ونطلع نحكيله انو المفاوضات حكي فاضي ,بكفي ضحك على الناس
    ……ناس مش غبيه ,والله مهي غبيه

    • “The silence exploded, our voices have returned to us.”
      We have to make another and another and another demonstration…
      Finding opportunity for making a demonstration isn’t a good idea, we have to make it when there’s no opportunities..

  4. قبل مده طلع تقرير اللجنه الي عملت تحقيق في الاحداث الي صارت فوصلوا الى نتيجه بتقول “ان هناك حلقه مفقوده احنا ما بنعرف مين اعطى امر ضرب المتظاهرن” يعني انتي يا سلطة ما بتعرفي مين اعطى الامر للشرطه بضرب المتظاهرين , المشكله انهم مفكرين الشعب نايم !!!!!

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