You totally know what you MUST do…

Again, the financial crisis appears like a hungry eagle looking for its prey, but the prey now is: the citizen.

Again, Palestinian Authority can’t afford to pay full salaries for people who work in the public sector.

Again, Palestinian Authority will delay the date for paying salaries.

Again, Palestinian Authority will work (HARD) to pay a portion of June’s salary.

Again, Palestinian Authority is waiting for grants from the world, they are waiting the Iraqi grant which hasn’t been received yet.

Again, the financial aids have played its (IMPORTANT) role to interfere in the Palestinian decision.

Now as usual, the citizen is waiting his salary eagerly and indignantly.

HOW could the Palestinian citizen survive from this financial crisis?

Could the Palestinian citizen continue being silent as usual?

At the end, I want to ask: Do we really need to suffer every month, for several (UNKNOWN) years waiting for the salaries to come?

When could we stop borrowing from banks, neighbors and friends?

When could we stop worrying about our salaries?

When would the salaries improve to fit our basics needs?

but I believe that you totally know what you MUST do…

9 thoughts on “You totally know what you MUST do…

  1. اولا: بدهم الناس ضلها تفكر كيف بدها تطعمي اولادها
    تانيا :تسير حياتها مرهونه للبنك
    ثالثا:احنا مصارينا الي بنقبضها مصاري تبرعات”شحده”” واذا بطلوا يتصدقوا علينا بنموت
    رابعا:اذا طلعتي على ميدان التحرير”دوار المناره””واحتجيتي على الواقع المرير
    بجوز توكلي قتله مش من الشرطه من الناس
    زي ما الشرطه اكلت قتله من الناس””هيك واحد مسؤول بحكي”” مش على المعاش على اشي تاني كانوا محتجين عليه
    بعد هيك بتطلعي على الميدان وبتلموا كم واحد وفق شروط معينه 1 – مش متزوج عزابي او عزابيه
    ما في وراءه او وراها اشي يعملوه
    زهقانين من الدنيه والي فيها
    بعدهيك بتظاهري حولين الميدان بس!!!! ولا محل غيره
    وبترفعي شعار ايتها الدول المانحه ابعتولنا المصاري قبل اول الشهرحتى نقبض في الميعاد
    او بنعمل ثوره

  2. We don’t go to protest for begging, I think we have a dignity, but the authority have a point of view and it’s your turn to decide, and I believe that you totally know what you must do…
    because the truth is like a sun NOW
    Thank you for your comments ……

  3. صحيح ,احنا عنا كرامه ما بنطلع نحتج عشاء الشحده
    بس زي ما كتبت فوق مصارينا بالاصل تبرعات من الدول المانحه
    بدي احكيلك اشي
    في عنا مؤسسات اسمها دعم من الشعب الامريكي يو اس ايد
    هاي الشخص بقبض منها 3000 دولار لاكن لازم توقع على وثيقه ممنوع تتعامل مع الارهابين يعنياذا انت طلعتي على المناره وقلتي لا للاحتلال ممنوع احكي معالك
    ممنوع احكي مع الشباب الي بروحوا على قلنديا في ايام الذكرى
    وشغلات غيرها وغيراتها
    انا فلسطيني برفض كل هذا
    لو كان في ثوره حقيقيه بكون اولها لكن ما في اشي من هذا

    • People don’t grieve of being poor but when the authority makes people unstable this is a problem when the authority left you one month and half without giving you the salary you won’t grieve they’ll make you become mad but they have forgotten whom the Palestinian are. We were speechless before 5 years but I don’t think we can bear more!!!

    • Anything you lose comes round in another form…that’s right
      but now Palestinians are losing their dignity because they are silent, Mr. Abbaas uses beggary…
      Could our dignity return to us?
      may Allah help us and give us a spark of courage…

  4. its not only palestinians who face this crisis lots of people around the world dont even have money to buy food …

  5. This book of the Radiant Community is receiving a new binding;
    The Hashimite branch is once more ready to bring forth new leaves and fruit……………………………………Allama iqbal (the poet of the east)

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