“Congratulation Morsi has won in the election”

Monday, June 18, 2012

The telephone rang in my ears, I wake up and got panicky. Oh, I was totally sleeping because I didn’t sleep last night. I looked at the wall-clock it was quarter to twelve, oh my Allah.

-“As-Salamu Alaykum*1” I said weakly while I was rubbing my left eye.

-“Wa `alaykumu as-salām, guess who am I?” the caller replied like a ghost.

The voice was so familiar to me, and I get bored from these kinds of tricks, my friend.

-“Afnan don’t play with me, you can’t change your voice.”

-“Oh I can’t believe, you always know who am I”? Afnan said angrily and I laughed.

-“Lina congratulation” Afnan interrupted my laugh.

-“Why?” I paused.

-“Mohammed Morsi has won in the election” Afnan said quickly.

-“Oh Afnan, Shafeeq is dying with anger. I didn’t sleep last night I was watching eagerly every details in the election, none of us sleep.”

-“Wa Allah. Like us, Lina my father was saying the Takbir from the dawn” Afnan said.

-“Did you know what my father does?” I said “when he knows that Morsi has won, he called all our family, he decided to make a big feast” I added.

-“Am I invented?”

-“If you come and help me, I’ll be happy otherwise I’ll kick you” I laughed.

-“I hate you.”

-“I know.”

“Lina, I am in real Eid. This is the first time dad says Takbir al-Eid in the whole day, oh Lina you can hear him now, listen” she let me hear.

“Lina I need Al-halawan**2!”Afnan said firmly.

-“In-shaa’ Allah, what do you want?”

-“Lina, listen you make us follow the news to know who will win you promise if Mohamed Morsi wins, you will bring Al-Halawan!”Afnan said, “You have told all the class, we all want Al- Halawan we also pray for Morsi to win” she added.

 -“Because of Al-Halawan you pray?”I asked ironically.

-“Absolutely no, I am not suffering from famine like you” she said and wanted to kill me.

-“Alas, I don’t live in Somalia” I said.

-“I will throw you there.”

-“I need someone to help me, we have a feast, I have to go and clean the house, mum isn’t here she is at the market buying juices, chocolates and these things you know.”

-“Oh, alas.”

-“okay, you’ll see, if mum comes right now, I will die in my position because I didn’t do anything.”

-“so ma’ As- Salama, give my greetings to your family.”

-“I will” I said.

-“Quick and Clean, Wash and Sweep” Afnan gives her orders.

-“Okay, bye, see you.”

-“See you.”

The call has ended. I remembered everything, when we knew the result in the Moring Mohamed Morsi has won dad hugged us and said now live in Freedom, live in democracy, live your life, oh my kids when I was kid like you I was disappointed from Arab, from the whole Arab countries, but now I can walk and my head rising and be proud that I am an Arab and Muslim person.

We made a big feast, everyone from our family has come, we were very happy, this happiness can’t measure, can’t be put in words or in sentences. It’s just like returning the honor to the nation…

*1: an Arabic greeting used by Muslims, it is considered the equivalent to “hello” or “good day” in English.

**2: an Arabic word which means a food gift gives to people you promise because of a great action has happened.

3 thoughts on ““Congratulation Morsi has won in the election”

  1. كثير من الناس ولاشخاص الي بعرفهم وزعوا حلو
    كان اشي جميل جدا انو الثوره انتصرت
    هاي اكيد من ثمار الثوره الراقيه والشعب الراقي

  2. The secret of life is hidden in your breast—then tell it;
    Tell the Muslims the account of the burning and re‐making of life………………..Allama iqbaal

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