We aren’t Beggars!

(We will make the state without begging and without debate)

Division, Boundaries, Barriers, Borders, Settlements, Wars, Negotiations, Peace, Debate, Membership in UN, the State, 194, Vetoes…

Being in an occupied country doesn’t mean that you don’t have a sense of belonging. The belonging increased by being in an occupation situation.

“I am Palestinian”. That’s what every Palestinian would answer if someone asked them about their own nationality and be sure about it, which means Palestinians know that Palestine is their country, therefore we don’t need recognition to know that Palestine is our land. They know to which country they belong, even if they live in New York, Iraq, Lebanon, India, Brazil or Tokyo they announced to the whole world that they are Palestinian.

Beyond what happen in united nation, as a Palestinian we don’t want America and Israel and some countries to recognize with ‘the state’, we don’t want to kiss their legs and kneel to them. We felt bored about negotiations it is an old suit, thus we don’t want these negotiations anymore. What we need actually is a spirit of enthusiasm which passes through our hearts and melts in us.

The world changed. Before the Arab spring we were hopeless we were afraid of occupation to stay hundreds of obnoxious years, but after revolutions in Arab world we believe more than anytime that the victory is so near and the fear disappear, we have a will to free our homeland by our hands, we don’t beg for “the state”, we will make the state without begging and without debate. In these days, we confirm that negotiation is useless way. At that time the whole world would, despite their reaction about Palestinian case, recognize by whole Palestine not just a tiny quarter.

What Palestine means to you?

It’s the wooden or plastic navy-blue chair in UN?

Is it the West Bank?

Or Gaza strip?

What about Jerusalem?

Actually, what about the coast and 48 areas?

Also what about Diaspora?

About refugees?

About prisoners?

Does Palestine mean negotiations?

Why they still use negotiations?

12 thoughts on “We aren’t Beggars!

  1. احنا لازم نطلع على النص الملان للكاسه ما نطلع على النص الفاضي
    انه يكون عنا دوله هذا اشي منيح
    في ناس كتير في العالم ما بعرفو اشي اسمو فلسطين
    لو كنت احكي “”انا فلسطيني ليل انهار”” ماحدا راح يعطيني اي اهتمام
    لما يسير عندي دوله بحط اسمي “”فلسطين ” على الخارطه العالميه بجنب اسرائيل
    وبعترفوا فينا كدوله اسمها فلسطين مش السلطة الفلسطيينية”
    اما الربيع العربي اكيد اسرائيل راح اتخاف وتحسب الف حساب مين الي بدو يجي ويحكم هاي البلاد الي اتحررت من خدام اسرائيل
    ……..دايما بنحكي انشاء الله خير

    • I just want someone in the two hemispheres don’t know anything about Palestinian,
      if they don’t know Palestine or Jerusalem, surely they know Gaza and they remember the War.
      The important isn’t the PA (Palestinian Authority) or Palestine in the map,
      the map is a paper it can change every second.

      But being beside the name of Israel isn’t acceptable, at least, for people who cared about the Palestinian’s case…

  2. انا باكدك انه في كثير ناس ما بعرفوا اشي اسموه فلسطين او دولة فلسطين
    انا حكيت مع اشخاص وقتلهم انا من فلسطين يتعرفوها قالوا لا ما بنعرفها
    ولا بنعرف وين هي
    هي احد الاشخاص الي ما بعرفوا وين دولتك
    كمان اي واحد بطلع على الخارطه بشوف اسرائيل بعرف تلقائيا انها دوله
    بس ما بعرف انه الضفه الغربيه وقطاع غزه تابعين لاشي اسمو فلسطين
    لانه ما بعرف اشي اسمو فلسطين وانو اسرائيل دولة احتلال

  3. صحيح دوري ان احكي لناس الي ما بعرفوا عنها اشي ,حتي يصيروا يعرفوا عن بلدنا
    وعن الاحتلال اش عمل فينا

  4. and also you shall refuse putting the name of Palestine beside the name of Israel, Mr. Abbaas said that the state means just the west bank and Gaza just.
    oh Allah, where’s my country Al-Ramla?, it’s not in Abbaas’ state!! the 48 areas are more important the coast is too….
    and yes you are right you should tell the world what Israeli has done!!!!

  5. انا بدي ارجع اسم بلدي بدون اي حدا يكون جنبه
    المشكله انه شخص واحد الي بتحكم في الناس ما بستشيروا الناس ما بعملوا استفتاء هل الشعب راضي ولا رافض الي بتعمله
    ….انه الازم نحكي للناس مين احنا وايش قصتنا.

  6. Read again the lesson of truth, of justice and valour!
    You will be asked to do the work of taking on responsibility for the world.
    Allama iqbaal ( the poet of the east )

  7. Read again the lesson of truth, of justice and valour!
    You will be asked to do the work of taking on responsibility for the world.
    Allama iqbaal ( the poet of the east)

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