Should I bring a dog or a crocodile?

Should bring a dog or a crocodile?

The mold of living in a pretense- developed country required you to:

1-Accept the differences.

2-Follow the fashion.

3-Change your language.

4-Then bring a DOG.

My sister, Reem, and I go walking every day for getting a better health, as scientist said, and a better mood. This walk gives us a great positive energy, it’s also a great way for talking, and for changing the air.

While walking you can see the people in a strange fashion, and in a strange mood. My sister and I laugh every time we walk, but yesterday was the strangest day in my life, Reem and I were walking as usual but we saw three young ladies walking beside us, but one of them was catching a big dog she was talking with the dog instead of talking with her friends, “since when dogs are talking with humans?!” I asked Reem.

“Since the twenty-one century” Reem laughed.

The dog was tall and white it has also a big teeth for terrifying people and the saliva has come out from the dog’s mouth and the lady who was catching it was very happy about his saliva. I have walked very fast to overtake the dog as well as Reem, but I didn’t comment about that repulsive show.

When I was young I could rarely see dogs, I could just see the sheepdog and sometimes the old people’s dog, but today I see the streets full of dogs, and a group of people carrying savage dog, I had thought people carried dog with them because they don’t have friends or family to go with and people bring dogs for protection, but that wasn’t true because people bring dogs to make other afraid from them and also to follow the dog fashion. But for me as a Muslim should bring a dog or a crocodile?

If people still bring savage dogs, one day with no doubt they will bring crocodiles and then you can imagine, streets full of crocodiles.

2 thoughts on “Should I bring a dog or a crocodile?

  1. yes it’s a strange thing to see it in our Arab world but like you said it’s just a dog fashion …………. we need more awareness to know how can we exploits our thoughts in the positive way ………… great subject lina …. 🙂
    i hope to walk with you very soon :))

    • yes it’s a dog fashion, people have got interested in savage dogs, this is the problem.
      indeed you are right we need more awareness, thank you for reading….
      and i hope too…

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