to the RADIO STATION: we don’t want to listen to your own emotions!

Trying to remove the bored feeling while going to work or college and university, going to school or just trip by your car, taxi or bus, you need to open the radio. It’s a simple way to listen or just hear something, maybe to know the news, maybe to listen to Quran, or hear Fayruose in the morning and Em-Kolthom in the noon and afternoon.

Do you choose specific stations to listen or you choose them by chance?

My mother chooses them by chance. Yesterday I was listening to ****** radio station to the news, but I’ve noticed that the reader wasn’t reading correctly, my mother looked at me and said:” oh, from where does that idiot come?” and laughed, “the fourth grade in my school could read better than him”, ”I don’t know how they employed someone who couldn’t read fluently”.

Today in the morning, the radio announcer ,at the same station, was reading the newspaper, suddenly he started talking with horror voice. What! I am in my mother’s car not in the horror city, or the ghosts cave?! I’ve just need one reason to know why he was reading and talking by this way, I don’t work in any radio, but I knew that you have just to read the news correctly without giving your own emotions.

If he wasn’t talking about the occupation, I wouldn’t blame him but he was reading the news about the competitor, I mean the other party.

And the most terrible thing that the radio station’s name means my country, my land, my home, but I don’t agree by the radio station’s name. The point of views and emotions are for just one party, not for the whole country.

I think this radio station have to change it’s name as it’s belonging to its party, I think it’s hard for it to change its system…to reach the integrity…

When will the people learn how to transfer the news without their own emotions????

3 thoughts on “to the RADIO STATION: we don’t want to listen to your own emotions!

  1. انت لازم تدخلي على غرفة الاذاعه وتشوفي من خلف الكواليس كيف بتم التحضير للبث
    وانت ما بتقدري تمنعي المشاعر انها تدخل في بعض المواقف عادي وبعضها المشاعر هي الي بتحكي
    وهذا بختلف اذا كان الاعلام او اي شي مسيس
    والمذيع اذا اخطأ في جمله وما عرف يحكيها مش مخبر انو يعيدها من جديد
    انا معاك في الي بتحكي لاكن في اشياء احنا بنجهلها

    • but when the reader read the news by such a horror accent as the other party is just like criminal, it doesn’t mean that this station leads to integrity…

  2. احنا كفلسطينين كل قوانين الاعلام والموضوعيه والنظريات والقوانين
    الي بتطبق في الاعلام العالمي
    عنا بتتكسر هذه القوانين والفلسفات النظريه
    مثلا اذا فتحتي على الاعلام الفلسطيني على بعض الاذاعات بتهاجم اشخاص بالحكي والتعليق
    “لانه بكون ” مدعوم من فوق
    وفي بعض الاحيان اذا ما عجب الاذاعه الحكي او حكي الضيف الي استضافوه
    بقطعوه الاتصال وبنهو البرامج مباشرةَ
    ………….والامثله كثيرة ما بخلص اذا عديتها

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