The alphabet has stood up helplessly; I don’t know what happened to it?!

Prisoner Khader Adnan has been striking on eating any food, anything called food, I mean which is eadable in the prison, for 66 days. He has struggled against the administrative rule in the prison.

Being poisoned means that you’ll lose everything, your freedom, your life, your family, your children, your house, your body which will torture by the jailer, you will lose the right of being in security with your family, your rights of being not just a prisoner but also a human.

In prison you became weak, what should you do? You have no rights, they treat you as a wild animal that want to be tamed, want to destroy what’s inside you and want your family to grieve for you.

However in the dark black small unlivable section where you might stay there maybe for your whole life, you will find a spark of challenge of hope to skip the difficulties, the suffering and will find the power to break the blocks that Israeli put them in your way.

This spark makes you feel stronger, more powerful. This spark reminds you of your humanity, of being a human.   

Trying to strike on food to be with Khader Adnan, I just strike for 4 days I couldn’t strike more.I still could remember some of my memories in those four days:

At the first day:

At 5:43 am, I intended to strike on eating, I was happy that I wanted to do something noble, so I put half spoon of salt in the bottle of water and mixed them, my day was really wonderful. I was in the school most of the time so I didn’t feel tired, but at 5:00 pm, I felt with headache, I became pale, and tired. I went to sleep but my head was spinning, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I drank the whole bottle of water. Mum gave me five dates to eat at 7:56pm. I continue my four days of striking like the first day. At the third and fourth day, my legs were shaking strongly, I became more weaker than the old man. Really, how could Sheikh Khader strike for 66 days?

So what has happen to Sheikh Khader’s health?

“He has lost 30kg and weighs 60kg. He suffers from stomach aches, vomiting, sometimes with blood, and headaches … His general condition is pale and very weak, his tongue is smooth, he has slight bleeding from the gums, dry skin, loss of hair, and significant muscular atrophy. His pulse is weak, blood pressure 100/75. He is permanently connected to a heart monitor.”

Although what happened to Sheikh Khader’s health, he did something. He has done something heroic. He gave the hope to all prisoners to have their freedom.

One thought on “66 DAYS OF HUNGER STRIKE

  1. لقد اتخذت الشعوب العربيه الي عملت ثورات مصطلح
    “الشعب يريد”
    عملوا من هذا المصطلح التغير الي بدهم اياه
    وتتواله الاحداث
    طلع مصطلح جديد من داخل السجون الاسرائيليه
    “…….كرامتي اغلى ”
    وصنع فلسطيني بجداره
    شكرا خضر عدنان

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