We aren’t Chickens!

“Oh, the chicken is disgusting, where’s the ancient chicken?” said my grandmother at lunch, “I really don’t know why the farmers feed chickens with that which is called fodder?” added my grandmother while eating the white rice with yogurt and leaving the chicken on her plate.

They’re just questions; I mean we haven’t to answer. Then grandmother talked to mother: “oh do you remember the ancient chickens?”

“They’re really taste difference! I mean this taste is really strange, the ancient one had the flavor of the country and farm”.

The chickens have changed and haven’t had the same flavor of farm-country, why?

Because of the fodder, the unknown fodder, the manufacture fodder, so the taste of the chicken changed as long as you changed their feed, but we aren’t chickens; we don’t change!

We’ve known that we lost the in the world war, but Germany after the war lost its country and its ethics, Japan lost its country and its ethics, …

Our ethics are still in our bodies. The west couldn’t damage a whole nation which own principles, they tried with multi feeds, but that didn’t bring result, we are like walls never changed by all their disgusting fodders. At first they used a fodder called [Christian missions] but it was inactive, they used the second fodder [the brain washing] but we washed their brains. They used the third fodder with the second as a mixture [films] and washed our brains, but the action ones taught people how to kill the occupation (the hidden and the shown) in their lands, they used the first and the second and the third fodder and the fourth fodder [emigration] to the west to changed our brains -wonderful we couldn’t change we own principles, alas-They brought many, many and many, but they couldn’t changed the whole nation- maybe they could change groups, but how many they change, one thousand, two thousand, three thousand but they couldn’t changed the whole and the majority.

Note: we are different, we aren’t chickens and we don’t change by multi flavor we are the same, we grow with our countries however we don’t leave our principles!

My apologize for chickens…

3 thoughts on “We aren’t Chickens!

  1. على فكرة
    أنا كنت أحب الكنتاكي
    و البرغر
    بس غريب بعد الثورة
    بطلت احب الحجات اللي زي دي
    عنا في مصر
    حملات التنصير كانت كثيرة اوي
    بس دلوقتي
    الحمد لله اختفت
    احنا مش فراخ
    احنا بشر
    احنا عرب

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