The Stateman!

the statesman

One day, at somewhere, someone (who uses words in some place to express something else) told me: “you’ll discover that Mr. Abbass is a statesman”.

-“Is that an irony?”

-“No, I am serious.”

-“How?” and I laughed.

-“You will discover that by yourself.”

 I looked at that person as I want to kill him; I didn’t expect those words especially from him also how Mr. Abbass could be a statesman?

 In Palestine or in Arabic “the statesman” means that the man is really good who thinks about all the people, who considers himself as one of the citizens, who drives his car without the black protection cars, who has a goal to grow up with his homeland, who is the father of all martyrs’ sons, who has the hope to the all prisoners, who refuses negotiation with the enemy because it is an odious behavior and never harmonize his principles, who is caring about people before caring about himself.

Months passed however Mr. Abbass has created many smart ideas, he chose them alone without a fighting conversation with his mother in law, and from his smart and intelligence idea: We need a state.

Obviously, I’ve known what that person (someone) means?

Mr. Abbass is a statesman, he just needs a state. Like who is a moneyman, who just need money and want to be a billionaire.  You need a state! state when we have no freedom, when we can’t whisper, when settlers kill and smash the children in streets, and destroy houses in the villages and Jerusalem, when there’s no money with the government, when the government depends on the negotiations with the enemy, when the citizens have now money to buy a good house and a fine car to continue their life, when the vegetables, fruits, bills, bread, olive, thyme, pampers, medicine and teachers couldn’t be in the same equation, so please Mr. illegal president leave us and go away, we want freedom first then the state comes after the true freedom happen, we needn’t a state-man we need a freedomman.

OH NO! I do want to comment AGAIN!

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