Give me; I give you

(New Dimensions of Globalization)

The fake greatness of the west is dying out the European Union is collapsing and bankrupting. The Islamic Phobia is disappeared and Israeli is slipping in the errors swamp. Arab countries are in revolutions and the Muslim Brotherhood is wining the elections. Nothing called tyrant, there’s an Islamic democracy not a capitalism democracy.

Memories… all what happen in the past would be like grandmothers’ stories include capitalism, imperialism and socialism. All those logos which people caught them collapsed.

Imagine that you are in Arab spring and there were no satellites, no receivers, no internet, no mobile phones, no face book, no… what shall you do?

If there were no globalization, how would you know that a revolution spark in a particular place?

What made the peoples simulate and mimic others?

What made the peoples rise the same logos?

What made the peoples talk freely without obstacles?

What made peoples feel with each other and damn their presidents?

What made peoples elect Muslim Brotherhood?

The new Globalization will be as exchanging the information, cultures, sciences, technologies, languages, food and more.

Give me from your delicious Wheat; I give you the delicious Cacao.

Give me from your delicious Grapes and Olives; I give you my Vegetables and Leather. 

Give me from the fantastic yellow Gold in your mine; I give you from the black Oil that I have.

Teach me the Turkish and Persian; I teach you French and Thai.

Teach me the Norwegian and Hindi; I teach you Spanish and Swahili.

Show me how you treat people in your country; I show you how I treat people in my country.

Whereas, you learn about others’ cultures that doesn’t mean you have to desert your culture. You have to study your culture deeply then study others’ cultures.

That’s the exchange, not the controlling, it’s not: give me, give me and give me, it also includes I give you as you give me. That’s why if the globalization was put in the hand of a capitalist, the monopoly will spread to the whole world and control every countries product but if the globalization put in the hand of a civil person he will make the real change.

2 thoughts on “Give me; I give you

  1. yes this ……(New Dimensions of Globalization)…………….
    when you give me what I want ……..I give you what you want…..
    now I do not give you any thing ……without any thing……….

  2. Democracy is a type of Government

    In which people are counted not weighed

    During his stay in the west, Iqbal had seen the western civilization in its true color and had finally come to the conclusion that,

    The western Western civilization will commit suicide with its own dagger,

    It will be like a nest on a delicate bough which will neither be lasting nor permanent

    Allama iqbal (poet of the east)

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