Fly off the handle!!

It’s so hard to make a person like you, but it’s so easy for making peoples angry from you. Some peoples are forced to like big people but the (like) can’t be continued or being infinity. This like is based on fake, no loyal, plots and tricks.

Bu Azizi was angry he felt bored about clapping his hands and the (like) to whom we called big people. He couldn’t continue living in the low he wanted to rise himself but he couldn’t. It was hard for everyone in Tunisia to whisper their names. Peoples could bear one decade, two decades, three decades but they can’t bear more. The authority system isn’t just containing horror prisons and jails, there was a corruption in the whole system, the corruption was like tooth decay which destroy the whole body of the system.

Those people couldn’t bear more, they fly off the handle and said that they wanted their rights that had been robbed, they wanted to fall the system down who was the reason of making peoples live the disgusting life. Without introductions, when people fly off the handle and become protesters, went out to streets and exclaimed that they wanted to fall the system down… this is the victory itself, when the courage caught people, even if their protests’ faded a little, be sure that they will spark their revolutions one day in these fantastic years.

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