Dragon Fruit or Heaven Fruit?

Mum retuned from shopping so happy, happier than buying expensive clothes that she liked them before. We looked at her and wondered why she was happy so much? She didn’t answer instead she opened one black bag and caught something, I thought it was a doll for my little brothers. However mum shouted: “Surprise! Look it’s a new fruit, it’s so beautiful”.

“Is it a fruit, mum?” we asked surprisingly.

“Absolutely yes, it’s called a heaven fruit. It’s from heaven”.

I looked at mum, she touched the new fruit many times like touched a cat hair. The fruit was pink and has green scales like a colorful fish. I didn’t blame her, the fruit was from heaven!

 “Mum, how we could eat it now?” I asked

 “What do you mean by eating?” mum said angrily and looked at me as a guilty. “We have to protect it, not eating it. It’s an expensive fruit”, mum added.

Dad reached home, we told him about the heaven fruit. Dad was happy, too. He suggested eating it to figure out if it tasted good or bad. Mum heard us so she hid the new heaven fruit in a secret place, and refused to tell us the fruit’s place. The family except mum was looking at the fruit everywhere. I opened my laptop and search about the heaven fruit. Alas, the fruit is called “Dragon Fruit” not as the seller told mum, its properties are beneficial to human health: “Dragon fruit, especially red meat Hylocereus Polyrhizus to cure various diseases. Have properties that are beneficial to human health such as balancing blood sugar levels, protecting oral health, prevention of colon cancer, reduce cholesterol, preventing bleeding and treating vaginal discharge complaints, kidney function and bone strengthening, and improving the working of the brain, to treat cancer, tumors, sore eyes, uric acid, and the heart, heal rheumatism, and sharpen eyesight”*. I told mum all these information, she looked at me as I made a crime again, then she calls us to come and eat it. It tastes very good, and it has also small black seeds, the fruit is sweet not like kiwi and it is a dark pink inside.

Black seeds*(http://www.citizennewsagency.org/special-properties-of-dragon-fruit/) To know more about Dragon Fruit you can visit: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pitaya) (http://dragon-fruit.biz/). To see Dragon fruit: http://www.tropicalfruitnursery.com/dragon/).

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