The Sky is writing…

From crowed cites you can see dark and blue sky, it’s so difficult to see the amazing nature that’s hidden away from your eyes. The nature sometimes uses its strong and violence power to break us down however it uses its kind power to show us the grand of the creation.

Writing is not just for writer, journalist or authors who used to write a lot, in any place they want and they like. Logically, just humans could write, animals could catch the pencil or the tools of writing, plants till now I don’t know, but the science may have a point of view in the later years, but till now I didn’t hear about an inanimate which could write in a large blue paper.

Sky hasn’t a sense with scientist but with poets and writers the situation is different. The sky cries, and its drops give the birth to the drought-solid earth. The sky is where the moon spends his nights while people looked at him sadly. The sky is the shelter for refugee, and for those who didn’t have houses. The sky is where the great people looked at their shining stars. Therefore sky might have a power to attract all those people to it, it’s so kind. The sky looked at people, she saw them writing. She thought, but she hasn’t the tools for writing, firstly how she could learn writing. The sky said: “although I don’t have tools to write but I can create a new idea”. The sky looked at herself, she is a blue creature and has white clouds. The sky began its new task she brought the clouds and shirked them and used its magic wand to neat the clouds to write as well as humans but she couldn’t write as humans, just writing non-concept words…

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