Ivy and Revolutions!!

When the plant grows, first the roots took its place into a particular place in the ground, after a period of time, a short stem stood out on the surface, after another period of time the leaves appeared and the plant began to grow bigger than before, what makes the plant looks so fabulous is the secret. The secret is with the branches: the thin branches. Those branches which are full of green leaves expand in the whole ground especially when the plant is from the creeper species.

Not just special plant, like ivy, has this wonderful grow-life, there are some conditions also. Revolution has the same grow-life, it planted in one country and then it expands and expands and expands into another and another and another countries, maybe it will reach out its branches to the whole Arab world, or to Islamic world, or even to the whole world, and all these predictions are possible!!!

OH NO! I do want to comment AGAIN!

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