Olive Tree Theif…(real story)

Houses aren’t a good and easy place to see other’s plots. Streets, allies, and narrow passages are the appropriate places to listen, hear and see. I could barely see a thief’s plan from the living room window.

At 5 pm, trees’ branches were swirling in the air, there were grey big clouds in the dark-blue sky, those also were becoming near from each other, but they weren’t dancing or swirling, they were giving a dangerous signal.

After lunch, Mum asked me to close the curtains of the living room windows.  She couldn’t sit with us if the curtains were opened, maybe for a moral reasons or maybe not. As Mum asked, I went to close the curtains, but I saw something that would make me remember it in all my life.

I saw a tall man, had a grey curly hair. He was wearing ragged clothes and he looks like peasants. This man went to his white-dirty car, which was covered of mud. With his rough hands he caught an old-rusty axe and began to cut the branches of the holy-olive tree, he was cutting fiercely just like a wild monster. The tree was crying her hands were cutting.

My eyes were full of tears on this poor tree.The man was cutting without pity and without mercy. The tree was screaming she needed a help. I was the only one who could see her, so I called my father, but it was too late. The tree became naked, no branches, no olives. She was hurting.

My father went to the neighbor land and talked to the man, they shouted at each other then my father turned back home. The man didn’t leave instead of that, he sat on the ground and began to pick olives from the cutting branches. When he had finished and filled a big box, he decided to cut the branches of another tree. My father saw him and lost his mind, went down and shouted at that man. The man called his two children and walked out of the land angrily.

The olive tree wanted to take the cutting branches but she had no magnetic power to paste them with her body. She couldn’t do anything but after she would recover, new branches would grow again.

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